Brick Repointing


Tuck pointing brick.Armani Restoration, Inc. has mechanics trained in techniques for historic preservation and restoration of period masonry structures, specifically pointing, also known as tuck pointing, and brick replacement or reconstruction. Our skilled brick masons can reproduce historic mortar joint finishes in durable original lime mortars. Whether stone, brick, terra cotta or even glass, we endeavor to introduce matching repairs into the structure which will disappear seamlessly into the original work. All our employees are charged with understanding materials and maintaining the highest standard of craftsmanship. Our high standards mean extended performance and more value for our clients. These standards are most critical for historic repointing, unit replacement and masonry reconstruction projects.

Armani Restoration, Inc. uses Prosoco cleaning products for our masonry cleaning operations.

We furnish masonry restoration and construction services to clients in the southern New England states of Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut. To let our estimators know about your project, and to get a prompt response, click here or call our office at 1-860-296-6811.

(Engleman Hall at Connecticut Valley Hospital in Middletown, CT, was a brick pointing project. Here, a deteriorated archway was rebuilt with original material by Armani masons. The matching mortar was analyzed and reproduced with a specified, original tooled finish.)