Caulking & Joint Sealant


Sealant and Joints.

Armani Restoration, Inc. performs installation of caulking joints in both new and existing work. Typically, in restoration work, the scope of work requires cutting out of existing work and replacement with a specified joint sealant. In new work, joint sealants generally fill the joints between masonry and non-masonry materials, around doors and fenestration, and expansion joints in masonry. Our employees and supervisors have extensive experience with caulking and joint sealant operations and can help you maintain quality while adhering to budgets and schedules, whether in historic restoration or in new work.

Armani Restoration, Inc. uses Pecora, and Dow Corning caulking and joint sealants.

We furnish masonry restoration and construction services to clients in the southern New England states of Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut. To let our estimators know about your project, and to get a prompt response, click here or call our office at 1-860-296-6811.

(Here, an Armani employee installs joint sealant to an expansion joint in new construction.)