Graffiti & Paint Removal


paint removal

Armani Restoration, Inc. maintains crews with the training and experience to properly remove paint and graffiti without damaging the masonry surfaces below. Projects frequently require us to work on occupied buildings or adjacent to finishes requiring protection from the process. Successful paint removal requires awareness of the environment and surroundings as well as the paint surface to maintain full control of the operation. It is most essential to remove only the unwanted paint and graffiti and not to remove or damage any other finishes. Our experience is our client's best assurance of an on budget and on schedule paint stripping project.

We furnish masonry restoration and construction services to clients in the southern New England states of Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut. To let our estimators know about your project, and to get a prompt response, click here or call our office at 1-860-296-6811.

(Shown, paint stripping of a large painted mural over masonry.)