Vapor Barriers


air and vapor barriers

To protect the building structure, its occupants and its contents from infiltration of air and water vapor, Armani Restoration, Inc. offers the installation of a variety of barrier types. We work with both liquid and sheet applied products, protecting new work, existing work, concrete and other masonry materials. To successfully install these protective films, a thorough understanding is required of both the needs of masonry buildings and of the most current technologies and materials now being produced for this purpose. New barrier materials and methods are continually being developed, and we are continually keeping up with these developments so we can provide our clients with the most up to date building protection from both air and water entry. We pride ourselves on being an efficient part of the project team by doing our part to keep the project ahead of schedule.

Armani Restoration, Inc. uses Carlisle and Grace products for our air and vapor barrier installations.

We furnish masonry restoration and construction services to clients in the southern New England states of Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut. To let our estimators know about your project, and to get a prompt response, click here or call our office at 1-860-296-6811.

(Technicians from Armani Restoration, Inc. inspect a vapor barrier installation.)