Below grade waterproofing.

For waterproofing of new construction or for existing historic work, Armani Restoration, Inc. installs sodium bentonite in durable sheets for waterproofing below grade, below slab or in any number of demanding applications. This is a versatile material, but a very performance oriented one. Armani offers experience and expertise in a full range of below grade installations. Our experience and diligent performance is your best assurance of a successful below grade or below slab waterproofing project.

Armani Restoration, Inc. uses CETCO and Grace below grade materials for waterproofing.

We furnish masonry restoration and construction services to clients in the southern New England states of Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut. To let our estimators know about your project, and to get a prompt response, click here or call our office at 1-860-296-6811.

(Shown, an Armani crew installs sheets containing sodium bentonite over a wall, below grade. At bottom, a below slab application is shown.)

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Below Slab Waterproofing High Water Table   UCONN Basketball Training Facility
Storrs, Connecticut
Below Slab Waterproofing High Water Table

Preprufe 300R  

Waterproofing Installation over Foundation, New Construction   Carrington School
Waterproofing Installation over Foundation, New Construction

Installation of waterproof sheet goods over a foundation wall, new construction.